Welcome to Black Sea Adventure Project!

Tourism is a vital economic activity within Black Sea Basin. It comprises a wide variety of products and destinations and many different stakeholders are involved – both public and private - with very decentralised areas of competence often at regional and local levels. Tourism can contribute significantly to achieving the objectives of maintenance of high and stable levels of economic growth and employment, social progress which recognises the needs of everyone, and effective protection of the environment and prudent use of natural resources.

The DOOA project addresses to development of tourism sector from 5 countries of the Black Sea basin - Romania, Moldova, Georgia, Bulgaria and Turkey, which confronts with the same problems, in order to increase the co-operation and to diminish the development gaps and inequalities between them, by involving different public and private stakeholders.

Nevertheless, the Black Sea tourism is currently focused on traditional seaside activities, regardless the fact that different other natural resources within its basin could be capitalized by diversifying the leisure activities towards outdoor tourism.

Therefore, the DOOA project aims at promoting the development of common activities in the tourism sector, based on an integrated conservation and exploitation of Black Sea resources, in all partner regions. Given the fact that the Black Sea basin has huge tourism potential, which is appropriate to the different types of tourism, at national and regional levels, the outdoor adventure tourism is one of the forms of tourism that could generate benefits for local communities and economic growth for the region, extending the tourism seasonality.

So, the DOOA project proposes to achieve a strong regional partnership and cooperation in the field of tourism by creating an outdoor adventure tourism network, in order to contribute to the sustainable economic and social development of the Black Sea region.

The DOOA project contributes to improving the management and promotion of destinations, enhancing the tourism potential and ensuring reasonable exploitation of heritage of the Black Sea Basin, by developing and promoting outdoor adventure tourism activities in a strategic, sustainable and balanced way.